In Loving Memory of Streak

Streak Derrick
Extraordinary Companion
June 1976 - March 1998

Streak was a mixed breed cat, a cross between a Siamese and an Abbysinian (now a recognized breed called an 'Ocicat') As a result, his lifespan was exceptional for any domestic cat. Streak lived until he was nearly 22 years old - which is truly ancient.

Streak got his name because as young kitty and well into adulthood, he almost never moved anywhere unless it was at top speed, even just to cross a room. He could not resist leaping at anything dangling above his head no matter how high. As a young adult his leaping ability would leave observers astounded.

Streak could make incredibly loud, ear piercing meows of various types that together with his assertive behaviors, often resulted in visitors assuming they were about to be attacked. Actually, these behaviors were a ruse to become the center of attention. He never attacked anyone, but many people were a bit afraid of him regardless.

Streak was extremely intelligent. He had a large vocabulary of sounds and actions he used to communicate. He also responded well to commands and knew his name. Streak was particularly good about responding to "No" and rarely would repeat a behavior that was "No." He was always curious and would follow people around from room to room.
His streaking and jumping ended gradually in his later years as he developed arthritis, with the exception that he would always streak first thing in the morning after using the litter box and scratching post. When the arthritis became severe he began sleeping on a special heated pad, which significantly improved his arthritis and quality of life. He slept very soundly, and could adopt some incredibly contorted sleeping positions.
In late 1997, Streak began to exhibit signs of kidney failure. He began treatments of injections of fluids and his food changed to a special diet designed to reduce the work required of the kidneys. In the photo you see him during this period, when his quality of life was nearly normal as a result of the extensive treatment.

Eventually Streak took a turn for the worse, it became apparent that he was in rapid decline and was suffering. In the photo Streak is receiving a special dose of love and attention before his final visit to the animal hospital. While he was being petted, Streak calmly and painlessly passed away at 11AM, Saturday, March 21st, 1998.

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